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New member
Oct 1, 2020
Username: Pickles

Steam Community Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:558887989

Discord Username: Pickles#7959

Age: 15

Timezone: EST

Do you have a working microphone? Yes.

General Information

How long have you been a part of the community?

  • Response: Ive been part of this community for around a week.
How often are you available during the week?
  • Response: Around 48 hours a week.
What special skills can you bring to the community?
  • Response: I can bring many different skills to this community. One thing I can bring to this community is experience. What that means if im very experience when it comes to staff situations and roleplay.. Another skill I can bring to this community is playtime. Because of the Coronavirus i've had to do school at home, that means since I cannot go in school I will be home all day and I could devote some of that time into this server. The last skill I can bring to this community is respect. I like to treat people the way I wanna be treated so I am always treating other people with respect, and if anyone has a problem with me I like to handle the situation maturely and privately.
Roleplay & Administrative Experience

What communities have you been involved with in the past?

  • Response: I have been a lot of different communities over time but unfortunately some didn't work out or I left. I have been an leo in gsrp, lsrp,sacrp, and I am a leo in this community as well. I have only been staff in another server name lsrp.
What staff positions have you held in the past and what were your duties?
  • Response: I've been co-owner in lsrp. My duties in that server as a co-owner were to manage the server and make sure everyone was doing what they were suppose to. Unfortunately the owner wasn't professional and I saw no future within the server so I left.
Are you currently a staff member of any other community?
  • Response: Negative
Opinionated Responses

Why do you want to join the Predator Network staff team?

  • Response: I want to join the Predator staff team for many reasons. One reason I want to join the staff team is because I like this community as a whole. I like how all the staff respect everyone and I like how the staff think as this server like home, and listen to there members. Unlike other servers they don't really care about their community and hand out bans left and right but this community is different. Another reason I want to join the Predator staff team is because I saw how much staff they have and how much members they have. What I mean by that is I think having more staff on the server will help out a lot being that there are 8 staff members and 1000 discord members. Also, I think I would make a good fit. The last reason I'd like to join the Predator staff team is to learn new things. I've been close with Wheaty over the past week and he's been teaching me new things already. I also seen how smart this community's developers are and I;d like to learn a couple things.
What can you bring to the staff team that others cannot?
  • Response: I can bring quite a lot to the staff team that others may or may not be able to bring. One thing I can bring is experience I've had little experience as a staff member and understand that sometimes you will be stressed out or annoyed, and i've learn to deal with that maturely. Another thing I can bring to this staff team that others may not be able to is time and effort. If I were to become staff on this server I would devote a lot more time out of my day to not just get on the server but to make it better, or a place for everyone. The last thing I can bring is how serious I can be. Although, I like to have some fun sometimes when there are times I need to be serious I can be serious. I think that can help out that staff team because if I were not to be serious I would most likely just get walked over.
What are the qualities of a good staff team member?
  • Response: There are a lot of good qualities of a good staff team member, such as, being respectful to everyone, having a nice view on everything (dont always be down), helping people out, communicating with your community, interacting with your community and so on.
How does the Predator Network Chain of Command work?
  • Response: Chain of command is a order of which you should contact your high command or your higher ups. In this server chain of command goes, Support Team, T-mod, Moderator, Administrator, Senior Administrator, Community Manager, Community Director, Director
Response-based Questions

If someone is spamming the chat, disrespecting staff members, or flaming other players, what should you do?

  • Response: If someone is harassing other members and causing mayhem I would tp him/her to me and talk to them. I would do that because you never know what they are going through and maybe that was just the last straw or tell him/her to take it to the dms. But, if it continues I would kick them for not listening to staff and member disrespect.
If there is a supposed hacker on the server, how do you handle the situation?
  • Response:If there is a supposed hacker on the server I would let the anti-cheat handle them because I heard that it is really good and hard to bypass. If for some reason the anti cheat isn't working I would spectate around and look for people who or either not effected by the cheats or just standing still, and I would kick for server care.
If there is a DDoS threat towards the server or another player, how do you handle the situation?
  • Response: If there is a ddos threat towards the server I would notify high command immediately and let them handle that being they are the ones that have access to the server and have access to that type of those things. But, if it was against another player I would talk to the player threatening the other player and let them know that what they are doing is not tolerated in this community and if he doesn't stop he will be ban.
If you violate a rule in a roleplay situation, what do you do?
  • Response: If I violate a rule in a roleplay situation I would first acknowledge what I did and apologize. I would react that way because I wouldn't want anyone else doing that in this community and I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.
If you are in the middle of a roleplay situation and a report comes in, but you are the only staff member on the server, what do you do?
  • Response: I would wait till my roleplay situation is over and once it is over I would go handle the staff situation.
If someone breaks a rule during a roleplay situation you are involved in, how do you handle the situation?
  • Response: I would inform him in what he did after the roleplay scene is over and try and get him to acknowledge that mistake and help him understand not to do that.
A user violates the RDM rule but is claiming they didn't kill anyone. Logs provide otherwise, how do you move forward with the situation?
  • Response: In that situation if the person who rdm didn't realize it was rdm I would then inform him what rdm is and what is means. But, if there was someone recording I would ask to see the recording and proceed from there.
If you witness a staff member abusing their powers, what do you do?
  • Response: I would tell them that they are abusing their powers and if it continues I would get a recording of it and send it to high command and notify them about their behavior.
How should you handle an 'asspull' situation?
  • Response: If someone is acting like a jerk for no reason I wouldn't interact with them. I wouldn't really talk to them because I wouldn't want to get into a argument and act unprofessional. But, if they are being a jerk to other members I would inform them that they are disrespecting other members and we are getting reports about it and he needs to relax and calm down.
When do you believe it is appropriate to issue a warning/education, kick, and ban?
  • Response: A warning is for when someone knows they are wrong and admits what they did was wrong and they won't do it again. A kick is for if someone does the same situation more then once and you have seen it with your own eyes that they are not obeying by the rules. A ban is if you have already kicked them more then twice and already gave them a fair amount of warnings.

Do you understand if you are accepted to this position, you are expected to be active in the community and server?

  • Response: Yes
As a member of the staff team, you are expected to deal with staff situations professionally, maintain a high level of maturity, and will be rated on your conduct by the players involved in the admin situation. Do you agree with this?
  • Response: Yes
Do you understand that the management team may take up to two weeks to make a decision regarding your application?
  • Response: Yes
Do you agree to remain respectful, mature, and friendly throughout the community if your application is denied, and understand you may apply again in two weeks?
  • Response: Yes
Do you understand that you will be subject to an interview if this application is accepted?
  • Response: Yes
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