Accepted E. Kelsey - SASP Application - 03Oct2020

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Oct 2, 2020
Name: Ethan Kelsey

Date of Birth (IRL): 12May2003

Age (IRL): 17

E-mail: [email protected]

Steam Community Link:
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:168969679

Discord Username: Lieutenant#0619

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

What should we know about you, tell us about yourself. (Minimum 50 words): For starters I have extreme passion for anything Law Enforcement and Military and plan to enlist in the U.S Air Force after I graduate high school. I have been playing FiveM on RP servers for about three years now and have accumulated about 1,700 hours. I really enjoy the outdoors and nature and have been doing a lot of mountain biking recently along with building some of my own trails. I really like music as well and enjoy listening to anything 90s grunge or rock. I also am apart of my JROTC program at school which gives me tons of leadership experience and advances me in management and working skills. And that's a small summary of who I am.

Why do you want to be a part of the San Andreas State Police? (Minimum 50 words): Honestly I have not been a part of a FiveM server as a police officer for almost six months now so I was just looking for a place to become a member of a new server and I came across Predator. I also would like to be a State Police Officer because I enjoy the enlarged jurisdiction and vehicles that they operate. And I talked to [5D-302] D. Miller about applying so he suggested SASP.

Why should we choose you to become a part of the SASP over other candidates?: I believe that I bring a lot to the table with my IRL leadership and management experience as well as my prior FiveM experience. I have spent a lot of time on this game as civilian and police officer and have seen just about everything even running some of my own server's at some points. I really enjoy dedicating myself to help something grow and become better.

What position do you see yourself wanting to achieve in the department? I enjoy just regular patrols and working in the field with other officers so I would at least like to make it to the a Sergeant position or some form of supervisor so I can still work in the field and manage other troopers. I would not mind working my way up to a command staff position but I would rather stay at a lower rank.

What skills can you bring to the department? Some of the skills I have are IRL leadership and management within my JROTC unit and my 1700 hours on FiveM. In my 1700 hours I have run three servers, achieved high ranks in countless departments, and built many documents and divisions from the ground up. These skills all combined lead to not only help me in being a better person but giving me the chance to better others as well.

Have you had any previous law enforcement experience? (IRL or in-game/other communities): I have many family members and friends in Law Enforcement and have even communicated with my local Sheriff's Office on multiple occasions. However I do not personally have any further experience in Law Enforcement other than FiveM which extends through about three years and 1700 hours.

Think of a stressful situation you have been in. What was the situation? How did you resolve it? (Minimum 50 words): It was two years ago during the Summer I was in Vermont on vacation with family and friends when we were riding around in a go cart. My friend was driving as I was passenger when we went to turn around and the cart flipped throwing me and him out of it. While I was getting thrown from the cart my ankle was twisted pretty badly and I assumed is was broken since I could not stand or walk with it anymore. After I had done a quick assessment on myself and realized I wasn't bleeding or having any injury that needed immediate attention I communicated with my friend to make sure he was fine. With blatant disregard for my personal well being and for the situation I was in I ignored that stress and attempted to aid my friend that was hurt. Since I couldn't walk and thought my ankle was broken I got him to go get help since he was in better shape and from there I was transported to the ER.

Think of a roleplay scenario you have been involved in. Describe the scenario. What was your role? (Minimum 50 words): Playing on another FiveM server and I was responding to a bank robbery call. When I arrived there were multiple other officers already on scene that didn't seem very organized. So, as I was getting out of my car I called over the radio to get the officers to block traffic and hold a perimeter and assumed control and began negotiations with the robbers inside. I took control of the scene and commanded it to the very end releasing the officers after the suspect was dealt with appropriately.

I understood, read, and meet all minimum qualifications as listed above. (Yes/No, if no, explain.): Yes

I agree, have read, and understood all Predator Network rules. (Yes/No, if no, explain.): Yes

I understand that if I am not accepted, I must wait a period of at least one week before I reapply from the date of my denial. (Yes/No): Yes


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Aug 30, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the SASP.

Your application has been selected to move on to the next phase of the hiring process.

Please join teamspeak - - and join the “Waiting Room” channel under the Recruitment Division section of the teamspeak.

You will undergo a brief interview to verify information provided in your application and to get to know you a bit more.

A member of the FTO or Internal Affairs teams will conduct your interview. You may have to wait for a while before someone is available.

If so, please be patient.

- SASP Internal Affairs​
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