Accepted Bureau of Criminal Investigations Application

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Sep 5, 2020
Bureau Of Criminal Investigations

Must Be a Master Trooper +
Must be Mature
Must be Active
Must have 0 strikes.
Must have a Good Sense of RP
Must be 14 Years of Age to Apply

Steam Community Link

What is your Steam ID?

What is your Discord name?

How old are you?

What is your Rank in SASP?

Why should we pick you over other applicants (minimum 15 sentences)

Why do you want to be in the BCI? What do you wanna accomplish in the BCI? (minimum 25 sentences)

If caught abusing your Subdivisions powers you will be removed from the Division immediately. Do you understand this??

Did you answer all these questions to the best of your ability and truthfully?
Not open for further replies.