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Oct 3, 2020
Name:Andrew Denholm

Date of Birth (IRL):27/03/06

Age (IRL):14

E-mail: [email protected]

Steam Community Link:

Discord Username: andyboy5362#5180

Timezone: Edinburgh

What should we know about you, tell us about yourself. (Minimum 50 words): (im a nice , kind and understanding person , my personality is funny and all that , I have a lisp and im always able to respond to dispatch.)

Why do you want to be a part of the San Andreas State Police? (Minimum 50 words): its always been a dream of mine to being able to help out my community and making it a better place to be , im really good at stressful situations and I can calm down a crowd.

Why should we choose you to become a part of the SASP over other candidates?: im a brilliant driver , im always helping out and im always listening to what im told to do.

What position do you see yourself wanting to achieve in the department? lieutenant or captain.

What skills can you bring to the department? (quicker response to 10-13 or whatever the call is , resilience , maturity and good interpersonal skills)

Have you had any previous law enforcement experience? (IRL or in-game/other communities):some in-game from being a pub cop for a month and ive learned all the codes.

Think of a stressful situation you have been in. What was the situation? How did you resolve it? (Minimum 50 words):10-80 , its was a black audi and I called over dispatch and kept them updated on my 10-20 , asked for permission to pit and got approved , done so , stop the vehicle , took out less lethal and got additinals down to arrest.

Think of a roleplay scenario you have been involved in. Describe the scenario. What was your role? (Minimum 50 words):bank robbery , turned up and I was told to cover the troopers moving into the scene for a closer look , and I was there guard basically , we got in a shootout and I saved the officer's life by shooting the suspect before he shot the officer.

I understood, read, and meet all minimum qualifications as listed above. (Yes/No, if no, explain.):yes

I agree, have read, and understood all Predator Network rules. (Yes/No, if no, explain.):yes

I understand that if I am not accepted, I must wait a period of at least one week before I reapply from the date of my denial. (Yes/No):yes



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FiveM Senior Administrator
Aug 30, 2020

Unfortunately, we have decided to not move forward with you in the hiring process at this time.

The following reasons had an impact on your denial:

  • Does not meet minimum age requirement
  • Failure to meet word requirement for responses to questions
  • General lack of effort on application

Please feel free to re-apply no sooner than one week as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

Applying sooner than one week may result in being blacklisted from the department.

- SASP Internal Affairs​
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